October 26, 2008

Anybody Familiar With Agnostees?

Do you proudly wear your atheist colors to identify yourself as a freethinker when out in public? While working to clean out my e-mail folders, I came across a press release from Agnostees.com. Since they appear to still be going strong, I'm posting it below. It is basically an introduction to their business, so I figure better late than never. They seem like a business worth supporting. If you have ever ordered anything from them, let us know what your experience was like in the comments.

Press Release



We are inundated with religious messages on a daily basis. Books proclaim “the power of prayer,” magazines insist that miracles are the norm, politicians extol “faith-based” initiatives, and zealots make it their pious mission to convert those who don’t agree with them. It is easy for dissenting voices to become lost within a tide of religious platitudes.

The recently launched website Agnostees.com wants to change that. With t-shirts that are sometimes confrontational, sometimes fun, and often both, wearers can express a difference of opinion in a way that is both memorable and succinct. Message range from the obvious (“Atheists are Nice”) to the thought-provoking (“Science too Hard? Try Religion!”). Or for those who prefer a softer touch there is the fun nod to evolution, “I’m a Smart Monkey.”

Besides t-shirts, gifts such as coffee mugs and teddy bears are also available. Each product has been carefully designed to reinforce the message in the text.

Message tees are a time-honored outlet of self-expression, and Agnostees.com continues this tradition in a way that encourages skepticism, critical thinking, and humor. Primarily the t-shirts offer a simple way for agnostics, atheists, and humanists to show their refusal to be disenfranchised and silenced.

Agnostees.com strives to maintain quality products and deliver quality messages to the world. For more information visit agnostees.com or email us at info@agnostees.com.

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