September 12, 2008

Thoughts With Texans Today

It seems like this region just had to deal with Hurricane Gustav, and CNN is reporting that Hurricane Ike is closing fast on the Texas coast. Evacuations have been in full swing since yesterday. Now the National Weather Service is waring that Ike brings "certain death" to coastal areas around Galveston. FEMA is rightly concerned about some residents ignoring the warnings due to "hurricane fatigue." This is always a danger during an especially active hurricane season.

I was relieved that Ike veered off the original course that had it heading for Louisiana and Mississippi. Gustav cost Mississippi over $70 million, and I hate to think how that is going to impact an already poor state. The last thing we needed was another blow.

Now that it looks like we'll be safe, my thoughts turn to Texas. I hope that Ike weakens quickly and that residents along the Texas Gulf Coast manage to evacuate safely. Ike is projected to bring major damage. Stay safe, Texas!

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