September 26, 2008

Thoughts on the Debate

Wall Street taken above steam stack road works.Image via WikipediaI watched the debate from Oxford with great interest, and while I was disappointed in many respects with both candidates, I thought it was fairly clear that Obama came across sounding more presidential, smarter, and more effective. He was far from perfect, but he impressed me as the obvious choice over McCain/Palin. It turns out that the analysts agree. Here are some more detailed thoughts and reactions about what I saw.
  • Obama was absolutely correct to repeatedly blame America's current economic crisis on movement conservatism. We have repeatedly experimented with conservative economics under Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. It has repeatedly failed. Now we are seeing exactly what happens when government regulation is not allowed.
  • Obama said, "We’ve had years in which the reining ideology has been ‘What’s good for Wall Street’ and not ‘What’s good for Main Street.’" McCain simply refused to address this critical problem. He suggested that he would support regulation, but this does not match his record at all.
  • McCain’s approach to the economic crisis is "getting spending in Washington under control." He is trying to blame earmarking for all the economic problems instead of acknowledging that movement conservatism is the root cause. He says he’ll veto "every single spending bill" that comes across his desk. What kind of country would this create?

  • McCain is trying to present himself as a crusader against government corruption. What about the Keating Five?

  • On taxes, we have a big difference between the candidates. McCain wants to cut taxes on the wealthy and freeze government spending; Obama wants to cut taxes for 95% of Americans, repeal the Bush cuts, and spend on necessary and effective programs. McCain criticizes Obama for wanting to spend any money. He refuses to consider how Obama is paying for his proposed spending (repealing the Bush tax cuts).

  • McCain does not appear to understand that offshore drilling will do nothing to affect gas prices.
  • McCain says he wants families and doctors to make health care decisions instead of the federal government. Okay, then what about abortion?

  • McCain thinks that going to Bagdad somehow makes him more qualified to lead America even though the administration he supported 90% of the time horribly botched nearly everything about this war. Is this selective memory or senility? Great move by Obama to point out all the times McCain has been wrong on Iraq.

  • The “my friends” thing is getting extremely annoying. Will someone in his campaign please explain this to McCain? And what sort of a moron repeatedly refers to himself as a "maverick?" Isn’t this something people are supposed to say about you? Saying it about yourself is simply pathetic! As for Obama, he needs to stop using the word “look” all the time and knock off the unecessary compliments to McCain. Every time he wants to say, "John’s right," he needs to pause and remember that this is the same John who selected Palin.

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