September 16, 2008

Have You Seen Billboards Like This In Your State?

A double-decker bus passes the north side of t...Image via Wikipedia Oliver took a break from attending assorted Christian churches and writing about his experience on Mississippi Atheists to do a bit of photojournalism. He managed to capture some extremely disturbing billboards near Oxford, Mississippi. It appears that Christian extremists are spending money to persuade Mississippians that the United States is (or at least should be) a Christian nation. Have you seen extremist propaganda like this in your area too?

If these billboards are part of a national trend and you tell me that you've seen similar material in other areas, I suppose I might feel a little bit better. Otherwise, I'm can't help feeling completely embarrassed by Mississippi. Well, that and outrage. Differences in political opinion are one thing; blatantly lying with the goal of imposing one's twisted morality on others is simply despicable!

I think I'm going to need to allocate a bit more of my time promoting reason and opposing Christian extremism locally. Not that this will change anything I do here, but I think I need to make time for both.

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