September 2, 2008

Educational Prerequisites for Political Office?

Should a college degree be required of anyone seeking national office in the United States (e.g., Congress, the Presidency, etc.)? Believer or nonbeliever, I expect that many of you would answer "yes." We've all known smart people who never went to college and dumb ones who managed to graduate, but I suspect that a majority of you would agree that college should be prerequisite. This brings us to the real question: why? Assuming you think that some sort of minimal educational attainment should be prerequisite to hold national office, I'd like to hear your thoughts on why.

I do believe that a college degree should be considered a minimal prerequisite for holding national office. Most of our elected officials have gone well beyond this, earning MBA's, JDs, and other graduate degrees. That is fine, but I would have trouble voting for someone with no college at all. Why? I'll save that for another post because I want to hear what you think without influencing you.

I should also say that I recognize that I might be more inclined to vote for someone with no college than someone who attended one based on religious fundamentalism. Still, I'd be likely to view neither individual as sufficiently qualified.

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