September 2, 2008

Community College Defends Free Speech

Remember the students at Lorain County Community College who were displaying the poster asking whether Jesus was gay? I'm happy to see that the College is defending their right to free expression. It is always nice to see an institution getting this right and standing up to public pressure.

Not surprisingly, some Christian students were "outraged" when a campus atheist group displayed a poster questioning the sexual orientation of Jesus.
The poster, which depicted a man embracing Jesus and kissing him on the neck, was up last Thursday in the College Center student commons alongside other displays during Club Awareness Week. The text above the image read, "Jesus Christ had a homosexual relationship?"
But the outraged Christians do deserve some credit. They have so far been able to refrain from issuing death threats. This was evidently too much for at least one Muslim when the club displayed a drawing of Muhammad.

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