August 31, 2008

Who is Sarah Palin?

You have undoubtedly heard about John McCain's pick for Vice President, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. When Obama decided to go with the vast experience of Joe Biden, it appears that McCain was more interested in a "sexy librarian." Sure, Palin is not even remotely close to being qualified for the VP job and has an unnatural hatred of polar bears, but you have more important things to worry about. In fact, if you are an American atheist, there are a handful of things you really need to know about Palin. I'll provide a brief list of what you need to know here. If I missed anything important, let me know so I can add it.

Who is Sarah Palin?
I am as disgusted as you are to see the Democratic Party pandering to religious voters, but we simply cannot put McCain/Palin in office. McCain is already too old to be President, and the chance that Palin could end up as President is too great a risk. As bad as McCain is, it appears that Palin could be worse.

H/Ts to The Secular Outpost and Pharyngula

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