August 10, 2008

Edwards' Affair Makes News, Why Not McCain's?

Now that you have undoubtedly heard John Edwards' affair discussed at length on all the major news outlets, complete with plenty of manufactured outrage, you may be wondering why you haven't been hearing about John McCain's affair. What's that? You didn't know about it? It seems that the American media is trying to make sure you either forget or never hear about it in the first place. But if Edwards' political career is now over because of his affair, the same should be true of McCain.

John Edwards exhibited a combination of poor judgment and outright stupidity by first having his affair and then thinking it wouldn't somehow be discovered. I supported him after the media ran Kucinich out of the campaign until they did the same to Edwards. He did plenty of good things for America, and it is unfortunate that he could not place this good above his own sexual desires. But does this negate any of his pasts goods or detract from what he does in the future? That seems to depend on who you ask. But why aren't we asking the same of McCain?

Assume for a moment that Edwards' affair is newsworthy primarily for the subtext in which it occurred. Affairs among politicians are not exactly uncommon, nor is lying about them. However, the image of Edwards cheating on a wife sick with cancer has the sensationalistic appeal on which our media now sadly thrives.

So how about McCain? What the media seem to want us to forget is that the Republican who would be President had his own affair. And this was no ordinary affair! When McCain returned from Vietnam in 1973 and discovered that his wife had been in a serious car accident, he left her for his current wife. After nearly dying, she had gained weight and was on crutches. Too much for our war hero to deal with. Evidently, he was in such a hurry to get rid of her that he married his second wife before divorcing the first. Oops!

If McCain continues to insist on such an ugly campaign, going so far as to try to convince the more moronic components of his base that Obama is the Antichrist, might the American public need to be reminded of this chapter of McCain's history?

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