August 30, 2008


The weekend is usually my prime time for blogging. I typically write at least 5-6 posts during the weekend and then roll them out during the week. This weekend is different for a couple of reasons. First, I have a nasty head cold and am so doped up on cold medicine that I can barely function. Second, I am gripped with a sense of dread over approaching Hurricane Gustav. Some forecasts are saying that this could be another Katrina. I'm really not interested in going through that again, and since I'm expecting to be without electricity for much of next week unless we have an abrupt change of direction soon, I won't be able to post anything anyway.

Since it is likely to be far more relevant to the locals, I'll try to restrict my Gustav-related thoughts to Mississippi Atheists. That way, I can try to use this space to write something to help distract me. At least, I could if I wasn't so...distracted.

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