August 23, 2008

About Atheist Revolution

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Welcome to Atheist Revolution - a blog dedicated to breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America.

I use the handle vjack, and I write this blog as a hobby. It reflects my interest in atheism and my commitment to improving the position of atheists in a world dominated by religious belief. If you would like to learn more about my personal journey to atheism, you can read my Journey of an Atheist series.


I started Atheist Revolution in early 2005 in response to what I perceived as a rising tide of anti-intellectualism and Christian extremism in America. I knew next to nothing about blogging but hoped that writing in such a forum might help me to organize my thoughts and eventually reach out to others. I decided to focus primarily on the intersection of religion and politics (e.g., separation of church and state, political manipulation via religion, etc.).

I soon realized that I was contributing to something I didn't even know existed. Again and again, I heard from a growing base of readers that they found Atheist Revolution to be a valuable source of information relevant to atheists. They directed me toward the handful of other bloggers active in the niche at the time. I began reading every atheist blog I could find. Suddenly I was not alone. The reality-based community had a dynamic presence on the Internet.

By 2006, I realized that I was part of something important - a growing atheist community tired of remaining silent. Perhaps I could even help to make a difference.

Atheism and Progressive Politics

After some initial struggle over goals and priorities, I settled on a mission for Atheist Revolution. The blog would be devoted to overcoming irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism. Atheism would be the primary focus, and atheist activism would be a big part of this. I recognized that I had two primary reasons for being an atheist and that they were often reflected in my writing. The precursors of atheism (e.g., reason, secular education, critical thinking, etc.) deserved promotion every bit as much as religious belief warranted criticism.

However, I also recognized that I would not be satisfied writing about atheism all of the time. My political convictions were too deep to be ignored. I couldn't be honest with the readers unless I gave voice to my progressive values in some way. After all, they derived from the same sources as my atheism. I would focus on atheism but would not avoid political topics which interested me.

Why "Atheist Revolution?"

America is currently caught in the grasp of widespread religious delusion and Christian privilege. Secular education, and science education in particular, suffer from the promotion of superstition and myth. Social norms discourage even mild criticism of religious belief, and nonbelievers are demonized. Anti-atheist bigotry is common and rarely brings rebuke.

We need a revolution of the mind, a new era of Enlightenment when the shackles of faith are thrown off and reason is once again valued. For me, it is not about eradicating religious belief but about showing people that it is unnecessary, irrational, and destructive.

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