July 13, 2008

Upgrading My Computing Space

Since I spend so much time in front of my computer when I'm home, I finally decided it was time to improve the experience. I bought a new iMac at the end of May, marking the first of many planned (and many more unplanned) upgrades to my home workstation. This was soon followed by a 1TB external hard drive for Time Machine, surge protector with battery backup, and USB hub. But now I am ready for the next big ticket item, a new computer desk.

I plan to order a computer desk from Anthrocart, probably a Fit System Standard Unit in black. I've read great things about these desks but never owned one. The desk I am using now is in terrible shape, and I could really use something durable and with the flexibility to expand it to better meet my needs.

After that, I'd like to do something about the horrible sound coming out of my ancient computer speakers. I listen to iTunes almost all the time when I'm at my computer, and my current speaker setup is far from ideal at music playback. I plan to pick up a pair of powered bookshelf speakers and connect them to my computer through a DAC.

Then I'll just need to pick up a couple bookshelves to hold all these atheist books I keep adding to the collection!

As you think about your own computing setup, what do you really like and what would you like to improve?

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