July 7, 2008

Science Education Endangered in Louisiana

I feel terrible for the parents in Louisiana who want their children to receive an adequate education and realize that science is an important part of such an education. After Gov. Bobby Jindal ignored those calling for a veto and signed the Louisiana Science Education Act into law, it is going to be increasingly difficult for Louisiana's children to receive the education they deserve. If you have not been following this one, the new law permits local school boards to approve the use of supplemental materials by public school science teachers when discussing "controversial" topics such as evolution. While the law was deliberately vague on what such supplemental materials might look like, details are now emerging.

For a brief and informative analysis of Louisiana's new creationist bill, I recommend Panda's Thumb. Clearly, this law is terrible for science education in Louisiana. Teachers in the state are understandably concerned that this will permit creationism in the classroom.

Probably the best outcome to hope for now is a series of lawsuits throughout the state with Dover-like outcomes. I am just a bit less confident in predicting the success of such suits in a state like Louisiana. In any case, it is going to be the taxpayers of the state and their children who get screwed in this one.

It really is baffling that battles like this are still being waged in 2008.

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