July 11, 2008

More Information About Atheist Nexus

Since the concerns about Atheist Nexus first emerged, those of us using the site have not had the easiest time tracking down reasonable explanations about what was going on and why. I think those in charge assumed a brief explanation would be sufficient and took some time to respond when it became clear that it would not be enough. However, they have now taken the time to post a more detailed account. In the interest of helping my readers find this information, I am going to post the latest information below in full. For those who belong to Atheist Nexus, you can also find it here.
I would like thank everyone for their participation in the growth of Atheist|Nexus. I am glad to be among people of rational thought. As some members have suggested, I am going to give an account of my life here. Please read this to understand who Thor is and why Atheist|Nexus exists.

I was born 40 years ago to African diplomats in New York. I spent a lot of my childhood in Africa and France. I came to the U.S. to reclaim my citizenship and pursue “the America Dream” 6 years ago. All throughout my life, I was a committed follower of the Christian “God”. I went to college for Theology (yes, I took a class in Apologetics) and was always active in the church. I was raised to believe in “God”, so the fear of death and damnation in hell stifled my burning need to ask the hard questions. The many times when I did ask the questions, my “programming” kicked in and I intuitively defended my faith. I was a true proponent of the ontological defense.

Since I am naturally inquisitive, I persisted in my doubts. These questions weighed heavily on me to the effect that I stopped attending church. Yes, I maintained my faith, albeit weak. The prayer for the China and Myanmar victims (posted within the last 2 months) is a reflection of my real concern for other human beings, even in light of my personal struggle with faith. During the time that I abstained from church, I was reading and assimilating the works of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and others. I especially enjoyed “A Letter to a Christian Nation” [Harris] and “The God Delusion” [Dawkins]. Coupled with my own festering doubts, the books and videos literally destroyed any bit of faith that might have been left in me. I was born again to reason.

My wife has posted about our little girl – Ellyze. She turns one this Saturday and she’s never been able to sit up. She has a condition called CHARGE syndrome and faces severe developmental challenges. She’s deaf and has weak sight. I know many will say, “You’re not an atheist, Thor. You’re angry at God.” I am angry, but not at “God”. There is no “God”. I am angry because I have dedicated my life to leading people astray, peddling a false “God”. I am angry because as a child, I never had a chance in hell to break free from the fallacies of Christianity. I, like so many others like me, was programmed from infancy to believe that “God” was real and that he wanted me to “serve and live for him”. Hell yeah, I’m angry. But there’s a silver lining here – I have seen reason. My daughter’s condition was one of the triggers for my realization of truth. Life sucks sometimes, but that’s reality.

Now, I am free from the idiocy of religion. And because I have always stood up for what I believe, I did not think twice about investing my time and effort to create Atheist|Nexus. While some of my language and mannerisms might show through as “religious”, you can be sure that’s only because I have spent the greater part of life speaking that way. I understand completely the questions that people have raised. There is still work to be done, and I am open to learning what I can from the 1000+ freethinkers on this site.

The issue of DivineChristianCenter.org is simple, really. As mentioned in my earlier message to everyone, I build websites as a freelancer. When I publish a web template, it automatically populates with my contact information. That is why the contact information on the two sites matched. You will also find that my fax number is linked to my profiles on Alibaba.com and Tradekey.com – I am a Project Director for an industrial supply company during the day. If it is the wish of the membership, I will keep this site operational. I have always said that this site will be managed by its members. If anyone is willing to contribute their time and skills, please contact us. This was never intended to be a one-man-operation. To this effect, I have requested (and received) the help of Richard of http://lifewithoutfaith.com (Brother Richard) to share the administrative aspect of http://AtheistNexus.org. I also met with Phil Pherguson of http://CUFree.net today and we had a good conversation. Phil cannot vouch for my character, having only met me today. Our meeting did allow me the opportunity to discuss my position with someone face to face. After we deal with the initial concerns, it is Richard's and my desire to create a board of directors and revisit the organizational structure. I hope that the many great minds here will converge and establish the direction of this project.

Kym Membe
I find this account satisfactory and will continue to participate in Atheist Nexus. Hopefully, this is the last post I will need to do on the subject for awhile.

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