July 15, 2008

Impeachment Back on the Table?

The last couple of weeks have seen one disaster after another for the McCain campaign. The faltering economy and climbing oil prices highlights the absurdity of his insistence that the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent and that the American people should continue to give tax breaks to big oil. Just as he was reaching out in an effort to reassure voters, his top economic advisor, Phil Gramm, called America "a nation of whiners." Unemployment is up, the stock market is down, and projections of more Americans losing their homes have been released. Whiners indeed. So how can it be then that some polls suggest McCain is actually catching up to Obama?

In spite of reports that McCain's campaign is in serious trouble, some polls tell a different story. The gap between McCain's support and that of Obama appears to be shrinking. How can this be?

To this observer, the most likely explanation is that Obama is losing support as he moves toward the right. His vote on FISA is costing him, and although he was never a true progressive, some in the progressive base who decided to support him are beginning to wonder if they made a mistake.

Dissatisfaction among the Democratic base is not limited to Obama. Public approval of this Congress has dropped to only 9%. It is clear to me that Pelosi made a huge mistake by taking impeachment off the table and then refusing to change her position as additional evidence of Bush's crimes has accumulated. Now there are rumblings that she may finally be coming around. Could this be the shot of adrenaline needed to re-energize the Democratic base?

Imagine what could happen if impeachment was suddenly on the table, as it should have been all along, and Obama got behind it. This could be huge for his candidacy and would go a long way toward dispelling the doubts of many progressives. It seems that the Democratic Party would have little to lose and everything to gain by giving the American people what they want - impeachment.

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