June 7, 2008

South Carolina Gets Christian License Plates

Remember Florida's "I Believe" license plates? Efforts to make the available were derailed on their way to the governor's office. At the time, there was wide speculation that the same plate design, already under consideration in South Carolina, would fare better there. As it turns out, this speculation was accurate. According to The New York Times, South Carolina is now offering the "I Believe" plates to motorists in the state. This gives South Carolina the distinction of being the first state to do so. Something tells me they may not be the last.

The plate design certainly seems to be an unlawful state endorsement of a particular religion. Court challenges are expected, but it is noteworthy that the bill passed the South Carolina House and Senate unanimously. It is no wonder that South Carolina is the state most frequently mentioned by those calling for a Christian exodus in the United States!
“The whole issue here is that people are trying to get the state to endorse their religion, and that’s wrong,” said Dr. T. Jeremey Gunn, director of the A.C.L.U. Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief. “It’s almost as if there’s insufficient support, and they have to go to the state to get it.”
Yep. That does seem to be what is happening here. Christian motorists in South Carolina and elsewhere can (and do) already affix all sorts of pro-Christian material to their vehicles. Evidently, that is not enough. They want the state to provide a way to promote their religion too.