June 3, 2008

Obama Expected to Clinch Nomination Tonight

I am a bit of a news junkie, especially when it comes to political news. So if I'm sick of hearing about the Obama - Clinton contest, one that has been over for a long time but kept alive by media life support, I'm sure you are reached that point long ago. Now I'm optimistic that the official end is quite near. Republicans have had considerable time to line up behind McCain while Democrats have been busy squabbling. It is time for the real contest of the general election to begin.

The final two primaries have been held today (South Dakota and Montana), and it is widely expected that Sen. Barack Obama will secure the Democratic presidential nomination tonight. Even many Clinton supporters are ready for this to be over and have encouraged her to quickly throw her support behind Obama.

Regardless of whether Clinton drops out and endorses Obama or suspends her campaign in case Obama is assassinated this summer, this should signal the beginning of the general election campaign. This is going to be an important one.