June 23, 2008

Obama Could Lose Votes Over FISA Capitulation

I came to support Barack Obama for President only after Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards were ignored by the mainstream media to the point where their campaigns could not continue. He was my third choice after these two because he stuck me as being the least progressive of the three. Now, with his apparent decision to support the Bush/Hoyer FISA capitulation (H.R. 6304), I am seeing that my concerns were well founded. I am not sure I can continue to support him if he goes along with gutting the Fourth Amendment. Moreover, I am enraged to see that the Democratic Congress is once again caving in to a President with abysmal approval ratings.

The inexcusably poor judgment of the 80 Bush Democrats who gave Bush another $163 billion on Thursday to occupy Iraq and plunder its oil for another year showed that they are willing to ignore the 68% of Americans wanting to bring our troops safely home this year. The 105 Bush Democrats who voted on Friday to give immunity to Bush and the telecoms for illegally wiretapping American citizens (even before 9/11) are shredding the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. They must be hoping that their base will not find out or will not care. They could not be more wrong. Efforts are now beginning to replace the Bush Democrats with actual progressives.

I had not wanted to count Obama among these Bush Democrats, but it could soon become impossible if he refuses to oppose the Bush/Hoyer capitulation. So if I cannot continue to support him, what then? Honestly, I am not sure yet. I sincerely hope Obama does the right thing. I guess we'll see.

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