June 22, 2008

"God Loves ME Best" Series on YouTube

Nothing good on TV? Summer reruns got you down? Or maybe you are just tired of seeing the nauseatingly positive portrayals of religion with which TV bombards you. Check out God Loves ME Best, a YouTube video series designed as a parody of reality TV that explores hypocrisy in religion and politics. Talk about a subject with unlimited comedic material!

From the producers:
What happens when a Transvestite Muslim Extremist, a gun and porn Loving Christian Fundamentalist, a Fame hungry Jewish Radical, a pill-popping Buddhist with an anger management problem, a basket case Wiccan, and a kleptomaniac Atheist all live together under one roof?

God Loves ME Best! seeks to explore the narrow minded practices of extreme religious fanatics, stubborn non-believers, self righteous spiritual seekers and the shady washed-up reality show producers who are responsible for this madness, along with the Scientologist network executive who green lights the show.
What a great idea!