June 10, 2008

Church Opposition Boosts Adult Shop's Business

Only one week after opposing a permit requested by an adult boutique in West Chester (PA), a Catholic church withdrew its appeal. Did they decide it was time to stop pushing their sexually repressive view of morality on others? Not quite. It appears that the church learned that their opposition was benefiting the shop, bringing more traffic and sales.

According to Jill McDevitt, owner of Feminique Boutique, her business doubled since the church filed their complaint. And there was even more good news for Ms. McDevitt.
Since then, she said, she has received hundreds of supportive phone calls and e-mails - including one from France and one from China - donations for legal expenses, and multiple interview requests.
At the risk of over-interpreting this situation, I cannot resist suggesting that increasing numbers of people may be tiring of the whole morality police thing. Religion has long attempted to insert itself in the sex lives of consenting adults, despite the obvious inappropriateness of this (at least to me). Could there be a lesson for the church in this?