June 19, 2008

Blue Linchpin is Back

Long-time readers may remember The Blue Linchpin, an excellent blog on atheism, progressive politics, and assorted observations on life. I first discovered the blog a little over a year ago. The author, Blue, was only 16 at the time and was writing some of the most compelling posts I had seen. I remember reflecting on what I was like at 16 (or 21 for that matter) and appreciating her all the more. And then there was the matter of Blue's failing health. She was dying of cancer and reported that her time among us was limited. Blue abruptly stopped posting, and I think we all feared the worst. In December, Humanist Symposium #12 was even dedicated to her. You can imagine my surprise when I suddenly realized that Blue is back.

In the brief period when The Blue Linchpin was active last year, Blue received widespread acclaim throughout the atheist blogosphere. She received more coverage on a variety of atheist blogs than anyone this side of PZ Myers. She deserved it.

Blue's disappearance hit us all hard. She would have been missed even if she had simply stopped posting with no context. However, the cancer made us all think we had probably lost her in an entirely different way.

I am thrilled that Blue is still with us and that she has returned to blogging. I don't know how much time she has left. Of course, none of us know how much time we have left. But let Blue be a reminder to all that our time is short and precious. As for me, I am going to discover The Blue Linchpin all over again.

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