May 20, 2008

What is Ecotheology?

At the interface of science and religion stands ecotheology. So what exactly is ecotheology? According to Dennis O'Hara, director of the Elliott Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology at the University of Toronto, ecotheology is a branch of theology that deals with the link between god(s) and creation. The discipline seems most concerned with climate science but is not necessarily limited to that focus. Ecotheology is now studied at some 25 Canadian colleges and universities since the University of Toronto launched the first doctoral program in ecotheology in 1991.

According to Vivian Song's article in The Toronto Sun,
At a time when church attendance is on the decline, especially among younger generations, the environment has been described as the new religion: a devotion to the safeguarding of the planet's resources which belongs to everyone, regardless of faith. It isn't an organized religion, but it fills a human need for the metaphysical, experts say.
Could this be the beginning of a green revolution within Christianity? In any case, this seems to be an example of what could become a shared goal for some Christians and some atheists. I don't know about you, but I'd certainly be open to working with Christians on protecting our shared environment.

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