May 28, 2008

Gas Prices Force Americans to Reevaluate Church

Complaining about the price of gas may soon replace baseball as America's national pastime. Although it troubles me to see the oil companies posting record profits while many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, I cannot help being somewhat amused to see Americans whining over prices that the rest of the world has been paying for some time. Perhaps higher prices are not all bad. It appears that they are prompting some Americans to reexamine their priorities.

According to E. Richard Walton's article in The Greenville News (SC), higher gas prices are keeping some people away from church. Oh, the horror!

Seriously though, the Baptist Ministers' Fellowship of Greenville and Vicinity are absolutely right to call attention to increasing gas prices hitting those who can least afford it the hardest. This is a serious problem, and as I mentioned previously, it is inexcusable in a time of record profits by the oil companies and their political cronies.

When the Rev. Robert E. Dennis notes that gas prices are necessitating some difficult choices by American seniors (e.g., gas, food, medication, etc.), he is on the right track. However, I have to fault this group for suggesting that church should even be among such considerations. That their "offerings" are down 20% looks rather trivial against increases in home foreclosures and seniors having to chose between medication and food!

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