May 6, 2008

Announcing the Christian Asshat Awards

Have you encountered any Christians on your Internet travels who set a new standard for asshattery? Don't worry, you'll soon have the chance to do some nominating. But first, your help is needed in shaping the Christian Asshat Awards into something we'll all have fun doing. Heck, you might even get to contribute a design logo or be a judge. Imagine the power!

First he brought us the Atheist Blogroll, and now Mojoey is organizing the Christian Asshat Awards. This guy is unstoppable. Remind me to stay on his good side.

This is still tentative, pending your input, but this is the general idea:
The Christian Asshat Awards are designed to highlight the worst of the worst when it comes to anti-Atheist rhetoric...We should focus on Christians who choose to attack Atheists directly or indirectly through their use of the spoken or written word.

Nominees can include blog posts, youtube videos, editorials, podcasts, or even sermons. I am even inclined to admit photographs.
For details or to volunteer your efforts as a judge, visit Deep Thoughts.

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