April 16, 2008

When Christians Want You Dead

Despite embarrassingly little attention by the mainstream media, news of Rep. Monique Davis' anti-atheist bigotry created quite a buzz in the atheist blogosphere. For many of us, it highlighted how far we have yet to go. That an elected official would feel comfortable making such a statement and possibly escape without consequences struck many of us as more than a little surprising. And yet, I think most of us are aware that the anger and blatant bigotry Rep. Davis expressed toward us is unfortunately commonplace.

I recently stumbled across a disturbing post at STR: The Freedom Blog in which a letter was praised by the blog's author as "wise." Here is the letter to which the blogger proudly posted and described in positive terms:
Dear Shelley,

Seriously, does anybody ever cry at an Atheist’s funeral?

I mean, since Atheists believe in evolution which means they think that people are not humans but animals. To an atheist the loss of a person is no different to the loss of a rat or a cow. Since Atheists are nothing but miserable Liars, Cowards and Murderers, after all, why would anybody in their right mind weep over the dead rotting corpse, or bone chips and ashes (that get mixed together with those of others from the crematory) of a worthless dead Atheist?

And what epitaph do you engrave on an Atheist’s grave marker? Perhaps some kind of pagan symbol? A Playboy center-fold or some secular approved text like: “Here lies the only good Atheist, which is a dead Atheist”. What else is there say? Nothing at all. No last words, no last rites, no flowers, no anything.

Every time an Atheist dies, the world is better off as a result of that dead Atheist being dead, & its damned God-forsaken soul burning in the fiery pits of Hades. :)

Which begs another related question, do Atheists cry at funerals? If so, why? Since Atheists hate God, and they hate Family, and they hate America, who are they crying for?

It is true: The only good Atheist is a dead Atheist.

Daniel Joseph Min
Far from expressing outrage over the bigotry, misinformation, and pure hatred dripping from this letter, the blogger had this to say in response:
Daniel, to be honest, I’m not even sure if atheists would bother with funerals, burials or even cremation if they didn’t have to. Since they believe in Evolution they believe that bodies should be left to be destroyed by wildlife even if this causes a potential health hazard. That’s just one of the many ways that atheism can seriously damage your health.
I hope this blog is some sort of tasteless joke, but I'm not so sure. Anybody know?

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