April 29, 2008

National Day of Reason May 1

May 1, 2008, is the National Day of Reason. It is a good day for nonbelievers to celebrate our membership in the reality-based community. However, the day is really about reaching out to others through active involvement in one's community. That is, actually doing something to make a difference.

According to a press release from Atheist Alliance International:
The mission and purpose of the National Day of Reason is to inspire the secular community to be visible and actively involved in community projects. Atheists make a point of showing how only human endeavors can help improve the lives of fellow citizens, not only on the National Day of Reason but each and every day. Atheists' actions echo the 19th Century Great Agnostic, Robert Ingersoll, in his famous quote, "Hands that help are better than lips that pray."
To observe the National Day of Reason, the Atheist Alliance International will host blood drives in many communities. The Friendly Atheist also suggests that making a donation to one's favorite secular organization is a great way to observe the day. This will be particularly appealing for those of us who will be stuck at work all day.

Unlike the National Day of Prayer (or as I like to call it, "the National Day of Doing Nothing") which will be held the same day, volunteers for the National Day of Reason are not required to sign a faith statement certifying that they are extremists (see Friendly Atheist).

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