April 5, 2008

Idea for a Great Atheist Blog

So you want to create an atheist blog, do you? You would love to have your own but are not sure what you can add to the already more than 600 out there. Moreover, you are reluctant to commit to writing frequent posts because you worry that you will not have enough topic ideas. Have I got an idea for you!

Create a blog dedicated to one and only one thing: posting each and every case of a Christian seeing "holy" figures in inanimate objects (like this or this).

You would not have to post frequently, and your initial time investment would be limited to setting up an RSS feed reader to track as many news sources as possible. Best of all, all the rest of us would come to rely on you as the one who would break the news about the next ridiculous Jesus sighting.

Give me credit for the idea, and I'll guarantee you a link from Atheist Revolution. Heck, your blog would probably become one of my favorites!

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