April 15, 2008

Foxhole Atheist Jeremy Hall Threatened Over Lawsuit

I have posted previously about Spc. Jeremy Hall, the brave atheist soldier who is suing Maj. Freddy Welborn and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates for violating his religious freedom (see Army Violates Religious Freedom and Foxhole Atheists Stand Up For Religious Freedom). Hall started receiving serious threats, including those involving "fragging," shortly after the lawsuit was announced. Reports are now emerging that Hall's situation has not improved.

Hall, currently stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, continues to receive threats (update: link no longer active) over the lawsuit he brought to stop the religious discrimination he was facing in the Army.
Hall says he faces the animosity because he is an atheist and is suing the Department of Defense. He alleges it permits a culture that pushes fundamentalist Christianity.

He says he does not feel safe his unit.
It seems like the men and women serving in America's armed forces should be able to focus on the many dangers they face in combat without having to worry about being harmed by their fellow soldiers simply because they do not share a popular religious delusion. I applaud Hall's bravery in speaking out against the infusion of evangelical Christianity in the military. I sincerely hope that he does not have to pay for this stand with his life.

H/Ts to Deep Thoughts and Friendly Atheist