April 26, 2008

Foxhole Atheist Jeremy Hall Finally Gets Media Attention

I imagine you are already familiar with the story of the brave atheist soldier, Spc. Jeremy Hall, and his lawsuit against the Department of Defense for violating his religious freedom by promoting a culture of fundamentalist Christianity. After all, it has been making the rounds on the atheist blogosphere for some time now. I am happy to announce that Spc. Hall is finally going to receive the big media attention he deserves. First, his story was presented in The New York Times, then CNN, and now he will appear during tomorrow's "Sunday Morning" on CBS News.

You may recall that Hall started receiving serious threats from his fellow soldiers soon after his lawsuit was announced and that recent reports suggest that this continues. Perhaps shining the media spotlight on this case will finally bring Hall a reprieve. He deserves better than this, as do his non-Christian colleagues in the United States military.