March 10, 2008

PZ Myers on Eliminating Religion

Okay, so PZ Myers is one of my heroes in the atheist blogosphere. But he's more than that. He is one smart dude who certainly has a way with words and frequently inspires. I'd like to share an outstanding example from a recent post at Pharyngula (update: link no longer active).

Pedro at Way of the Mind brought this gem in PZ's post to my attention, and the underlining is his (update: link no longer active):

As for the charge that these New Atheists are unable to tolerate a harmless religion, and that their goal is the elimination of the enemy, that's complete nonsense. We want to eliminate them in the same sense that we want to eliminate illiteracy; we will educate, we will talk, we will stand up for our ideas.
Yes! I want to see the end of religious belief much as I want to see the end of illiteracy, poverty, infant mortality, and the like. I want to eliminate it in this way and not in the draconian way Christians are so fond of describing. What a perfect description!