March 29, 2008

For the Bible Tells Me So

If you enjoy documentary films and have any interest whatsoever in the topic of homophobia in the Christian Church and the enormous toll it takes on countless American families, I highly recommend For the Bible Tells Me So. If you are homosexual or have homosexual children, especially if you are a Christian, it is a must-see.

I rented this one after hearing little about it and was pleasantly surprised. I watch many documentaries, and this was a great one. While some atheists may tire of the religious focus (e.g., the director and everyone in the film are unapologetically Christian), the message is worthwhile, and the film serves as a reminder that not all Christians are rabid extremists.

One of the key things I took from the film is that Christian teachings about homosexuality being an abomination and so on serve to create an environment in which violence is condoned. I realize this does not come as news to you, but I think this is a point that needs more attention and repetition in the media. Repeatedly labeling homosexuals as perverse, sinful, unnatural and the like, fosters violence and helps maintain the high suicide rate in the GLBT community.