February 3, 2008

Will Jesus Fix Our Economy?

Getting tired of all the political hoopla yet? How about a good laugh instead? According to Andy Borowitz at the Huffington Post, GOP presidential hopeful and laughing-stock extraordinaire, Mike Huckabee, is trying to stir up his evangelical base before Tuesday's election by asking someone who died over 2,000 years ago (if he lived at all) to help our economy. That's right, the Huckster is calling on Jesus for help. How's that for a stimulus package?

Borowitz describes Huckabee begging Jesus for "a fresh infusion of loaves and fishes" during his Alabama press conference.
The former Arkansas governor was not specific about the exact dollar amount of the loaves and fishes that he had asked Jesus to inject into the U.S. economy, but advisors later said that it was somewhere in the ballpark of $70 billion.
Can't you easily imagine something like this happening? This the guy who keeps telling the media how tired he is of all the questions about his religious delusion and whether it would render him unfit for the oval office and yet he brings up his religious beliefs at every opportunity.

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