February 21, 2008

Secular Alliance at CU

According to the Colorado Daily, there the University of Colorado in Boulder now has an atheist group on campus. The CU Secular Alliance provides a regular forum for secular students to meet. While the new group was welcomed by the Muslim Student Association, campus Christians do not seem to be able to interact with the Secular Alliance without attempting to convert them.

The article quoted Tom Miller, campus minister of the Flatirons Baptist Church, as saying,
Some (atheists) are not open to dialogue and they'd think I was being obnoxious. I would be going there to convert them and we'd clash before you even said your first name.
You admit that your focus in any interaction would be on conversion, but they are the ones not likely to be open to dialogue, huh? Nice. What an incredibly warped view of dialogue!

I'd just like to extend a word of congratulations to the CU Secular Alliance. I wish them success in their efforts. Every institution of higher learning should have such an organization.

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