February 2, 2008

One More Undecided Voter

I've made no secret out of wanting a progressive candidate for president in 2008. I supported Dennis Kucinich until the corporate media killed his campaign by denying him coverage. I then shifted my support to John Edwards, even though it had already become increasingly clear that he would meet the same end. It happened much sooner than I had anticipated. Now I'm left with two Democratic candidates I don't particularly like, trying to figure out what to do next.

Voting Republican is not an option in this election. The platform of the Republican party (e.g., nationalistic militarism, tax breaks for the wealthiest citizens, social conservatism, Christian evangelism, etc.) is simply untenable. America is in desperate need of meaningful change, and the Bush regime has done so much damage that the task of restoring our country cannot be entrusted to another Republican.

It is entirely possible that the Democratic nominee will be decided before Mississippi's primary in March. However, I have to be prepared for the possibility that I have a voice in deciding whether Clinton or Obama gets the nod. At this point, I am leaning toward Obama simply because I perceive him as being the somewhat more progressive of the two and because I think Clinton would mobilize the Republican voters like nothing we've ever seen before in the general election.

But there is another possibility - I might be able to vote for a third party candidate if one is allowed on the ballot. For example, the Green Party would better represent the progressive values I support than a Clinton or Obama-led Democratic Party. Call this a protest vote if you like, but the idea would be to communicate my dissatisfaction with the increasingly right wing nature of today's Democratic Party.

For now, I suppose I must count myself among the undecided.

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