February 19, 2008

Did You Miss the Super Bowl Miracle?

Maybe it is just me, but one of the things that really turns my stomach is the experience of someone wallowing in Christian idiocy like a pig in the mud. I recognize that most Christians are not idiots. Many are actually good people I'd be proud to know. But every so often, an example of absolutely wretched ignorance and blind superstition hits me between the eyes, nearly triggering that gag reflect and making my knees wobble.

Remember the Super Bowl? You know, the one where the underdog Giants defeated the much despised Patriots who had been caught cheating earlier in the season. I wasn't planning to watch it, but I did catch some of it. Not a bad game at all if you ask me. But did you realize that the outcome of this game was actually a miracle? Yep, an honest to goodness miracle right in front of us. Did you miss it too?

You see, Giants wide receiver, David Tyree, knew that his team would win before the game started. Apparently, he had spoken to some god and had been informed that his team would win the game.
"That's kind of how I felt going into it. I was never moved. My faith was never rocked. I knew God would do what He said He was going to do."
According to Chad Bonham's article for the Faith News Network (update: link no longer active), Tyree never lost faith in his team, even after their 0-2 start to the season.
When New York started the season 0-2, Tyree wrote a letter to his team. In that letter, he encouraged the other players and coaches to keep the faith. Tyree was confident that God has a special plan for the Giants. This confidence for the born-again, spirit-filled believer came from prophetic words he was receiving from the Holy Spirit through various friends and spiritual confidantes.
But the real miracle came out of Tyree's relationship with so-called "spiritual mom" Apostle Kimberly Daniels, founder of Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville, FL.
The night before the Super Bowl, Daniels and husband Ardell prayed with Tyree and received some very specific prophecies about his role in the game.

Daniels told Tyree that the Lord would "quicken" his feet and give him "hind's feet" which she later explained to him were like the feet of a kangaroo. She also told him that he would have "spiritual glue" on his hands and would make "the big play." Daniels' husband prophesied that the sports world would no longer know him as just a special teams player but as, "David Tyree, the receiver."
Silly me! I thought the Giants won because of talent, hard work, and coaching. I guess none of that really matters when some god is on their side. And yes, I've heard the "god helps those who help themselves" drivel enough that I can do without hearing it again. If I were one of Tyree's teammates, I think I would take his comments as a slap in the face. As it is, my rational mind takes them as a punch to the gut.