February 16, 2008

Christians Pray for Death of Americans United Staff

You can put this in your "and Christians accuse us of not being moral?" file. Americans United for Separation of Church and State complained to the IRS that California pastor Wiley Drake was violating federal law by using his church to campaign for Christian extremist candidate Mike Huckabee. Drake's response was to once again call for imprecatory prayers against Americans United staff. That's right - this Southern Baptist Pastor is asking his followers to pray for the deaths of AU's staff.

From the Americans United press release:
Wrote Drake, "In light of the recent attack from the enemies of God I ask the children of God to go into action with Imprecatory Prayer. Especially against Americans United for Separation of Church and State…. Specifically target Joe Conn or Jeremy Learing [sic] and their leader Rev. Barry Lynn. They are those who lead the attack."
Lest we think that Drake is simply another irrelevant Christian crackpot, Americans United points out that his status should be acknowledged.
Drake is a prominent pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. He recently completed a term as second vice president of the group, its third highest post. He currently is running for president of the denomination, which became increasingly political after a fundamentalist takeover in the 1980s.
It is time that we recognize this for what it is - Christian extremism.