January 1, 2008

What Voters Need To Know About Mitt Romney

Regardless of what you think of Mitt Romney's Mormon faith or whether you were in any way reassured by his recent speech on religion, there is something about him you need to know before you vote. Unfortunately, this happens to be something that Romney, the Mormon church, and evidently the mainstream media do not want you to know. Like all Mormons, Romney made a secret oath when he entered the church as an adult in which he swore to use everything his god gives him to build up the Mormon church.

There has been extensive media coverage suggesting that many voters are reluctant to vote for Romney because they do not fully understand his Mormon faith or how it might influence him in office. In fact, his well publicized speech was delivered primarily to reassure voters that his religious beliefs did not make him unfit for the Presidency.
Let me assure you that no authorities of my church, or of any other church for that matter, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions. Their authority is theirs, within the province of church affairs, and it ends where the affairs of the nation begin.
Here Romney tells us that he will not be a puppet of his church, permitting church authorities to determine how he governs. But what about his religious beliefs and whether his Mormon faith could reasonably be expected to influence his decision making?
I believe in my Mormon faith and I endeavor to live by it. My faith is the faith of my fathers – I will be true to them and to my beliefs.
Romney makes no apologies for being a Mormon and is convinced that the American people can look past his religion. He may be right, but before we accept this, there is one additional matter to be considered.

Mormons swear a secret oath in a ceremony when they make the transition to adult members of their church (typically at age 19). In this oath, which Mormons are commanded never to disclose, the Mormon swears to use "everything" that his or her god has given or will give him or her (including the Presidency) to build up the Mormon church. Many, including other elected officials, take this quite seriously.
We are instructed to give unto you the law of consecration as contained in the book of Doctrine and Covenants, in connection with the law of the gospel and the law of sacrifice, which you have already received. It is that you do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion.
Romney claims to be a good Mormon who accepts and lives by his faith. He also claims that his church will exert no influence over his decisions. Something does not add up here. He cannot serve two masters. Is he counting on other Mormons not to talk about the secret oath he took, or simply hoping word does not reach the voters before the primaries?

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