January 15, 2008

Utah Resident Would Rather Vote For An Atheist

A short but effective letter to the editor was recently published in the Salt Lake Tribune, and I am reproducing it here for your enjoyment. The author, Jackie McCowen-Rose, manages to capture my feelings on the subject of religious pandering by political candidates as well as I ever could. I commend her bravery for expressing what is sure to be an unpopular opinion in a conservative state like Utah.

Here is the letter:
Better an atheist
Public Forum Letter
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President-wise, I would vote today for an intelligent, compassionate, articulate, well-read, honest and brave atheist or agnostic over any one of the more-Christian-than-thou bunch pandering shamelessly in the ring right now.
Professions, assertions and declarations of "faith" belong at home and in the church/synagogue/mosque/temple/treehouse/cave of one's choice. In government, I want common sense and practicality, neither of which is the exclusive preserve of any religion.
However, I have "faith" that no such individual will emerge to save us from our own self-righteousness.

Jackie McCowen-Rose

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