January 27, 2008

Post on Doubting Faith Included In Christian Blog Carnival

Kudos to Christian blogger, Hopeful Spirit of On the Horizon for including my post, "Doubting Your Faith?" in The Seventh Day blog carnival. Hopeful's rationale for including the post?
Why is a post from an atheist included in a blog carnival hosted at a Christian site? Because the philosophy here at On the Horizon is and always will be “radical inclusivity.” Christians are called to love everyone, including — and many would say especially — our atheist and agnostic brothers and sisters. The author included this description when submitting his article to the carnival: “This post asks Christians who are doubting their faith to consider a possibility that may be new to them - the possibility that their doubt is a healthy reflection of their rational mind trying to break free from superstition to experience genuine meaning.” Here’s an opportunity for Christian and nonbelieving readers to engage in a meaningful dialogue!
If you are interested in this sort of dialogue, check out the carnival and let them know you were there.

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