January 15, 2008

Mitt Romney vs. Mike Huckabee

Time for a religionist rumble? Their campaigns may be at odds, but it seems that there is plenty about which they agree. There is an excellent article about the religious intolerance of both Romney and Huckabee by Joe Conason posted at Salon.com. A taste:
Whatever bland assurances they may offer to the contrary, both Romney and Huckabee have implicitly endorsed religious tests for a presidential candidacy. Both suggest that only leaders who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are qualified to lead. Huckabee says that we should choose a president who speaks "the language of Zion," meaning a fundamentalist Christian like himself. Romney says that among the questions that may appropriately be asked of aspiring presidential candidates is what they believe about Jesus Christ, a question he endeavored to answer in a way that would assuage suspicions about his own religion.
H/T to Religious Right Watch

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