January 31, 2008

Know Them By Their Deeds: Former Pastor Stole From Children's Food Program

It would seem that only the most callous sort of person would take food from hungry children (although many Republicans would like to end programs to aid such children). According to the Associated Press, a former pastor in Texas is about to be sentenced for stealing $586,347 from a summer program to feed needy children.

James Cornell Clark, formerly a former pastor at Mount Vernon United Methodist Church, has already been convicted of importing a Kenyan prostitute and forcing her to have sex with him and is soon to be sentenced on 41 counts of fraud for misrepresenting his church as the sponsor of a Department of Agriculture program to provide meals to needy children over the summer.
Clark was laundering the money through bogus corporations, such as the Mt. Vernon Faith-in-Action Outreach Project and Trinity Christian Outreach Ministries, and putting it to personal use.
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