December 16, 2007

O'Reilly Compares Secular Progressives To Taliban

Yes, you read the title correctly. Right-wing nutjob Bill O'Reilly actually compared secular progressives to the Taliban (video)! This is the same Taliban which educated persons know to be intent on bringing about an Islamic theocracy. That is, they seek to replace secular law and politics with religious forms. They were known for the "strictest interpretation of Sharia law ever seen in the Muslim world." Either O'Reilly does not know that "secular" means not religious, does not know that Islam is a religion, or is far more disturbed than I realized.

Comparing non-Muslims to the Taliban is nothing new. I've done it myself repeatedly. But I've done it in a very specific and limited context to point out similarities between Christian theocrats and Muslim theocrats. Both want to replace secular government with religious government. Both want to replace secular law with scripture. That is, these comparisons actually make sense.

Maybe O'Reilly is actually starting to believe the absurd right-wing talking points which push the notion that secularism is a religion. Of course, this would mean that he must have forgotten that the United States deliberately fueled Islamic extremism in Afghanistan under Regan to create an obstacle for the Soviet Union. We certainly recognized the religious nature of what we were creating then. Besides, the meaning of secularism makes it logically impossible for it to be a religion in any way. Just as atheism cannot logically be a religion, secularism cannot either.

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