December 5, 2007

Insult Religion, Go To Jail

Reading this story in The Independent makes me glad to live in a country that has not yet fully embraced theocracy. It seems that the Turkish publishers of Dawkins' The God Delusion are being threatened with various legal consequences for "insulting believers."
Erol Karaaslan, the founder of the small publishing house Kuzey Publications, could face between six months and a year in jail for "inciting hatred and enmity" if Istanbul prosecutors decide to press charges over the book, which has sold 6000 copies in Turkey since it was published this summer.
It looks like banning a book is not enough in Turkey; the publisher should also be held responsible. I picture the Pat Roberstsons of America looking on this situation with great envy. They are doing their best to turn America into the sort of country where this sort of thing could happen. Fortunately, they aren't quite there yet.

H/T to Boing Boing

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