December 9, 2007

The Constitutional Right To Juggle Snakes

When attempting to respond to extreme forms of religious idiocy, I often feel as if I am attempting to empty the oceans with a spoon. Well, it is time to again visit Kentucky for some more snake-handling fun!

It seems that a Kentucky couple is suing a foster-care agency after the agency revoked their foster-care license for refusing to steer clear of snake-handling religious services. The couple claims that they have never taken their foster children to the services but refuse to say whether they have handled snakes themselves. Now they are alleging that the foster-care agency has violated their Constitutional freedom to practice their religion after taking back their foster children and revoking their license. I certainly hope a foster-care agency has the right to screen potential foster parents for serious mental illness and to respond accordingly when a mentally ill couple demonstrate the dangerous nature of their delusion.

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