December 13, 2007

Colorado Church Shooter In His Own Words

Thanks to an e-mail tip I received from a reader, MB, you can learn more about the Colorado church shooter, Matthew Murray, by reading his own words. I've included some of the highlights below which MB identified in his e-mail.

I remember getting thrown around the room and hit while getting interrogated about whether or not I had video games and DVDs. Then there were the constant interrogations by the church pastors. @#%$ hypocrites.
It sounds like someone else objected to the whole "morality police" thing at which fundamentalist Christians excel.
I remember having to listen to everything in secret, at very low volume levels or with headphones, whether it was video games, TV, DVDs, or music/radio. Every day was like Mission Impossible, as even ONE mis-step and it could be all over.
In other words, there was a general environment of fear. This certainly does not sound conducive to positive growth and development. In fact, it sounds more akin to the conditions which facilitate brainwashing.
My mother would search EVERYWHERE on a regular basis. You’d have thought I was hiding methamphetamines (which her favorite pastor, Ted Haggard was found guilty of) or something serious….but it was all over DVDs, Cds, and video games, the issue of drug abuse or the like never came up. And when she confiscated something, she’d almost never tell me. She’d always pretend like she had no idea what I was talking about, until I had her cornered with evidence….so much for “Liars go to the lake of fire.”
The idea that the "secular media" is somehow to blame for this is not only absurd, it is little more than thinly veiled atheist-bashing.

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