Civil Rights Group Recognizes Atheists' Struggle

Big news for all secular Americans came out yesterday. The Secular Coalition for America has joined the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), the oldest and most respected civil rights organization in America. This marks the first time atheists will be represented in the civil rights movement. According to Secular Coalition Director, Lori Lipman Brown, it also says a great deal about the LCCR that they are willing to include us.

You can find the full press release issued by the Secular Coalition for America here (update: link no longer active). This is a historic moment and one which I hope will someday mark the beginning of the end of anti-atheist bigotry in America.
Recognition that the nontheistic minority must be included in the struggle for civil rights marks a milestone. There are several religious groups within LCCR’s coalition, but the Secular Coalition for America is the first nontheist (atheists, humanists, and other Americans without a god belief) advocacy group to be included. Both organizations agree that religious freedom as protected by the Bill of Rights must also include the freedom to practice no religion.
The civil rights movement has made tremendous progress, and although there is still a long way to go toward ending intolerance and discrimination, positive accomplishments are undeniable. Freethinkers have made significant contributions to civil rights, and I am happy that millions of American atheists may now benefit from this new relationship.