December 11, 2007

An Atheist Xmas in Connecticut

Connecticut Valley AtheistsIt seems like I just posted about the secular "Tree of Knowledge" in Philadelphia, doesn't it? It appears that a similar holiday display has been set up in Connecticut. A sign sponsored by Connecticut Valley Atheists asking passersby to "Imagine No Religion" is causing controversy and drawing attention to the high cost of religion. I applaud the group for their willingness to express an unpopular opinion and put the good of humanity over their own safety.

The sign went up on December 1st alongside a Christmas tree which stands across from the town hall. The townspeople responded by putting up an even bigger Christmas tree even closer to the atheists' sign. While they denied any intent to conceal the sign with their tree, I find this rather difficult to believe.

According to Dennis P. Himes, coordinator for Connecticut Valley Atheists, it would have been preferable to have no religious displays on public property whatsoever. But since the local Christians were not willing to make that an option, the sign provided by his group was an excellent alternative. If Christians don't want to share the public space with atheists, they are free to remove their own display.