November 11, 2007

Utah Voters Reject Private School Voucher Scheme

According to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Utah voters rejected the latest private school voucher plan with a 60-40 margin. The Parents for Choice in Education Act would have provided money for each student attending private school. As Americans United Executive Director, Rev. Barry Lynn noted, "States don't come any redder than Utah, yet voters were quick to shoot down this misguided plan. Lawmakers in other states need to sit up and take notice."

From the press release:
Continued Lynn, "This vote proves that vouchers aren't popular with liberals, moderates or conservatives. The American people want to support public schools, not private religious education that teaches dogma, subjects staff to religious qualifications and discriminates in admissions."
I agree with Lynn completely when he says that vouchers will not solve our many educational woes. What is needed is adequate funding of the public school system. I applaud efforts by Americans United and other groups to educate Utah residents about the adverse effects of vouchers on public education.

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