November 9, 2007

Prominent Pastor Harasses Atheist

According to Reed Branden, author of the Unorthodox Atheism blog, he received a fairly insulting e-mail from a prominent local pastor in his community. Evidently, this pastor does not see anything wrong with harassing local teenage atheists, especially if they also happen to be gay.

From Reed's post:
Tonight, a local pastor sent me an email saying, among other things, "I read enough of your blog to figure out that you are a queer athiest[sic] who lives with his CHristian[sic] parents. You should listen to your parents and go to church and maybe they wouldn't be so disappointed in you."
Reed noted how the author of this e-mail, the head pastor of a large church in his community, appears to think that his parents must be disappointed in him for being a gay atheist and that more church will somehow fix him. He also mentions that the e-mail goes on to say that his parents are "probably disappointed in themselves for raising a kid like [me]." The pastor also advised Reed to move away from his family "cause[sic] they might be hurt when GOD[sic] sends his Judgement on [me]." How nice!

Fortunately for Reed, his parents do not sound nearly as intolerant as this jackass. In fact, Reed describes them as fairly supporting even though they do not agree with his atheism or homosexuality. How refreshing! As Reed says,
My parents, although they are Christians, are not bigots. They don't judge me on my sexual preference and my beliefs any more than they would judge me on what colour shirt I wear or that I spell the word colour with a u. On the contrary, they often find pride in their son.
Looks like this pastor could learn plenty from Reed's parents. Perhaps the best part of Reed's post is his speculation about how (and why) this pastor tracked him down in the first place.
I did a quick search to link the IP address of the email to the page that linked the minister to my site, and it turns out he discovered me through a Google search for "southwest Virginia atheist gay teenager." He is either desperate to save a poor sinner or he just wants a booty call. What a sad, strange little man.
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