November 27, 2007

Jerry Springer: The Opera

No, I'm not making this one up. In this story out of London, it appears that there really is a musical titled, "Jerry Springer - The Opera" being screened by the BBC. What makes this story relevant here, besides the sheer entertainment value, is that Christians are up in arms over how the production mocks their cherished mythical figures.

According to Reuters, a Christian activist is attempting to have a BBC executive prosecuted on "blasphemy laws" because it is offensive to Christians. Among the many offenses, "Jerry Springer - The Opera" is described as referring to Jesus as "the perv" and "a little bit gay." The horror!
Civil liberties group Liberty, allowed to make a written submission in the case, called Britain's blasphemy law "outdated" and "ripe for repeal," and argued that the offence of blasphemy violated the European Convention on Human Rights.
Blasphemy laws are outdated? Surely you jest! Nobody can be permitted to make fun of someone's religion. Criticism is a form of dissent that must not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. Heck, even those Americans who disagree with the neo-cons in charge should be beaten to a pulp.

Seriously, I must admit the Christian faithful have one valid point here: nobody would dare to mock Islam in this way. This is a problem. After all, Islam deserves to be mocked just as much as Christianity does. Moreover, if criticism of Islam remains off limits for fear of reprisal, we can only expect Christian extremists to more fully embrace terrorism to protect their delusion.

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