November 3, 2007

BlogRush Adds Category For Atheists

Now that BlogRush angered many atheist has greatly expanded their categories, adding one for atheists under the broader religion category, is it time to give them a second chance? As you may recall, BlogRush angered many atheist bloggers by dropping most of us from their network. Others dropped in solidarity with those who were booted. Now they've added a category for us. What do you think? Should we give BlogRush another try?

The appeal of BlogRush is that it may bring more traffic our way. I realize that this did not work before, but I hold out hope that such a system could work. Under the newly revamped system, it looks as though the traffic would probably be more focused (in the atheism category). It also appears that we would no longer be expected to advertise Christian nonsense in the BlogRush widget. If this is accurate, it might be worth giving the service another try.

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